Declaring Aboriginal Status

The University of Alberta is committed to the recruitment, retention and graduation of Aboriginal students and honours the Indigenous world view of education by respecting and supporting the voices and spirit of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students. To increase the representation of Aboriginal students our policy is aimed at increasing accessibility and providing assist to students in achieving their academic and personal goals. 

For this purpose, and in order to improve the assessment of the educational achievement of Aboriginal learners, we ask you to self-identify if you are of Aboriginal ancestry within the meaning of the Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982.


As you make the decision to to self-declare, please review the Aboriginal People Definitions as described in the Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982.

Please note that some programs require proof of Aboriginal Status for admission purposes. Refer to Section 14.3 of the University of Alberta Calendar for details. If you have any questions regarding admissions, programs, funding, or services please contact us at